Projects & Collaborations.

Acuity Digital Services Ltd, London and Yorkshire UK

Acuity Digital Services is a critical partner in projects requiring advanced technical expertise and execution. We have collaborated with Acuity since 2018 on a number of projects from advanced human and business networking applications to blockchain and related technologies.

BizGees Ltd, London UK

Function to Form is working with BizGees on our Arts 4 Refugees project as our product and UX designer. Adam joined our team for a hackathon and quickly became more involved with BizGees afterwards. He clearly enjoys getting to grips with our target users, the market and technology we’re innovating with in order to create designs that build on the Arts for Refugees value proposition. Adam brings Function to Form’s experience in following agile practices and their effective use of various tools has been a great fit for us and has enabled them to create thoughtful prototypes at speed.

Zufi Deo
Co-Founder of BizGees Ltd

Seed Round Capital LLC, Houston, Texas, USA

We’ve worked with Adam Zahler and Function to Form on a number of design and development projects and found their approach to be very effective. I like their open and collaborative process that kept us involved throughout. They are very thorough in their understanding of a project and they put a strong emphasis on the human element with each iteration through to delivery. I look forward to working together again in the future.

Brad Jenkins
Co-Founder and CEO of Seed Round Capital

Progression Solicitors Ltd, UK

I’ve enjoyed working with Function to Form on a new client management app with back-end for our law firm. Right from the start they immediately grasped the concept of our new app and infrastructure requirements and were able to conduct a detailed study of the scope and put together a very cost effective proposal. They quickly created a well thought out and modern interactive design prototype which they demonstrated in person. They then developed the front end for the app which I was able to install and test on my own device via a video call. Every step of the way Function to Form have been open about their process and kept me involved with updates and demos. Their design and technical expertise along with their ideas and ability to think beyond the scope have given me confidence in their services and the products as well as potential future opportunities for the project.

Anthony Smith LL.B
Managin Director of Progression Solicitors

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