Adam Zahler, Director of Function to Form Ltd, Yorkshire UK

Adam Zahler is a highly experienced professional designer who has been involved with web and user interface design since 2001. Adam studied Industrial Design at Loughborough University and has worked on projects for clients in the UK, Ireland, United States, Europe, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and more. He has trained, coordinated and managed teams of nationals from all over the world that were tasked with designing, developing, maintaining and marketing multilingual websites for international clients.

Adam has taken his background in web design and marketing forward into other digital design areas; particularly digital applications. His approach to design is centred around the industrial designer’s mantra of ‘form follows function’ and he founded Function to Form Ltd in 2018 to work with partners and clients on design-led digital innovation projects. Adam believes strongly in an empathetic approach to design thinking which builds functionality around people’s values and goals both personal and professional.


Acuity Digital Services Ltd, London and Yorkshire UK

Acuity Digital Services is a critical partner in projects requiring advanced technical expertise and execution. We have collaborated with Acuity since 2018 on a number of projects from advanced human and business networking applications to blockchain and related technologies.

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